NB Numeric x Big Air Lab.

On the occasion of the VISTULA VISTA video première, NB Numeric in collaboration with Playwood Distribution organized a skate session & best trick contest at Big Air Lab skate plaza in Camerano, Ancona. Big Air Lab has an amazing skatepark behind the shop, and a sick indoor bowl. The perfect location for an event like this one. We had the pleasure to be part of the thing with a photo exhibition with some images shot in Warsaw with the Italian NB Numeric team during the trip featured in a brief glance issue #50.

Massimo Cristofoletti, bs bigspin.

Guido Zanotto, switch crooks.

Ale Mari, varial flip.

Ale Benedetti, smith grind.

Davide Rossano, kickflip crooks.

Lukasz Kolasowski, bs kickflip.

Davide Rossano, fs kickflip.

Guido Zanotto, switch fs bluntslide.

Cise, impossible tailgrab.

Massimo Cristofoletti, bs 360.

Davide Holzknecht, nollie flip crooks.