Mirko Obkircher Intw.

Mirko is a great skateboarder from Bolzano, a nice city in northern Italy pretty close to the austrian border where they speak both italian and german. After spending the last few years skating around and shooting photos he suddenly disappeared: no calls, no more skate missions, no more tours. Then I heard he moved to Vienna, Austria, to study at the local business University, skating and living new life experiences… db.

Ciao Mirko, how are you mate?

Hi man, I´m fine, thanks, I hope you feel good as well.

It’s a long time I don’t hear you…where are you?

You are right man, I don´t even know how you are looking now ah ha ha… Summing up, after finishing school I decided to go abroad for a certain period of time… now I´m in Vienna since nearly a year. Long story.

When did you move to Vienna?

I came to Vienna last autumn i guess.

Why Vienna?

I can´t really answer this question, it was more a spontaneous decision, but in general I wanted to go abroad for a bit of time because I think it is a good life experience. It was not like: “OK, I go to Vienna” but rather like : “OK, I want to leave my little hometown for a while and live my own life for a certain time in a different place on this earth”… that’s why I finally have chosen Vienna.

Fs nosegrind.

What are you studying?

I´m currently studying International Economy at the University of business. Pretty hard stuff, but I like it, it´s interesting and apart from that it´s opening many ways for my working future.

How is living there? You are lucky you can speak the German.

Yes lucky, but more than lucky I´m sad about not speaking Italian at the moment. Unfortunately I haven´t many possibilities to use the italian language here, but apart from that, the decision to come over here was definitely a good one. I like my life here, I met a lot of new people in the last few months.

Is different German language you speak in Bozen compared to the one they speack in Austria?

Oh yeah man, the spoken german here it´s more like the real “Hochdeutsch” from Germany. The german which is spoken in my hometown is more a dialect, you can’t really compare it with the real “hochdeutsch”, but ok, it’s different, but still german so I understand people and they understand me…the rest is unimportant.

Ollie over.

Are there good spots to skate up there and a lot of skaters? Are you skating a lot?

Coming to Vienna was definitely one of the best decisions I have ever made. Skateboarding here is definitely not skateboarding in Bolzano.Skating here means going out with friends quietly every day and having fun with your board. I think you can´t say Vienna is like Barcellona, but skateboarding here is like it has to be in any other big city of the world. I haven´t seen the whole spots yet, but the ones I have seen ’til now are great and I know that there are much more. I have to check them all out in the next months.

The tatoo you have on your arm says: “Realize your dreams”, have your dreams changed over the years since the time you did the tatoo compared to now? How did they changed?

He he, good question …hmm saying they changed maybe is not the right explanation, I would say life often takes different ways than you expected. I definitely cannot say: “ I couldn´t realize my dreams”. I think my focus changed a little bit, I mean, my dreams are still the same, but I see the whole thing from another point of view.

Bs lip up.

Are you still skating for Lakai? Which are your sponsors at present time?

Oh yeah, I fortunately still skate for Lakai, I´m really happy about that because first off all I appreciate the people who are supporting me and yeah, I really like the shoes, they are really comfortable and good for skateboarding. Aside from Lakai I ride for Matix Clothing, Spitfire wheels and Sub skateshop.

Any plan for the upcoming summer?

Hopefully a tour with you bro, but until now I have no concrete plans. I wanna pass my last exam in july and after that I can relax and enjoy the summer skating and traveling.

See you soon mate.