Kilian Heuberger_Reellax Part.

Solo released Kilian Heuberger’s “Reellax Part”, and we are very happy to watch this one! Kilian was one of the best skaters in Europe, in 2011 at a contest in Munich he suffered a cerebral hemorrhage that caused him a lot of health problems and that’s why he is now skating wearing an helmet. Read the full story below (courtesy of Solo Skate Mag). Yes Kilian, we’re happy to see you back on board ripping as always!

At a miniramp cash-for-tricks contest at the middle station in the Flachauwinkl ski area in March 2011, I slammed on my shoulder, but I still managed the trick and bagged the cash. I climbed on the table and rested for a while. I was then asked what was going on, because I stared through the others and was probably looking totally baked. I could not answer. Not that I didn’t know what was going on myself, but I didn’t know that I have a mouth that you can talk to besides eating. So I tried not to contradict when I was carried out of the middle station on a stretcher and then, after my speechlessness did not improve, a helicopter was requested to take me away. When the helicopter landed I had given up hope to get around the flight. In the helicopter I lost consciousness. Five days later I slowly regained consciousness. But still without the possibility to say anything. In addition, I could not move the right side of my body. I suffered a cerebral hemorrhage, which put pressure on my speech center and the center responsible for the right side of my body. The doctors sawed open the top of my skull and stopped the bleeding with several metal clips. So I have a nice 15 cm long horseshoe-shaped scar on my head. After a few days at least the word “yes” came out of my mouth again. After about half a year, which I spent on rehab wards, I was halfway recovered. That means I was able to talk again without searching for words for too long and to return to the right side of my body without any major difficulties. Since then I wear a helmet when skating, because I and my family don’t want to go through something like that again“.