Is.Dumb.Ul – the new Dumb Skateboards video

Simone Verona, wallride.

New video out for Dumb skateboards, we spent a few minutes with Dumb rider and co-founder Simone Verona talking about the company and the new Is.Dumb.Ul video.

Hello Simone how many videos have you done so far with Dumb?

The first was “Slovenia and Croazia tour 2004”, then “The Dumbest Video”, “Too Dumb to Quit”, the “Sarajevo Tour 2010” and this last one “Is. Dumb. Ul”.

So basically this video is focused on the last tour to Istanbul?

Yes, the idea was conceived essentially as Dumb / Carhartt tour in Turkey. We then added the part of Ale Morandi and Tom Derich, who already had a good amount of footage ready. The Tilt Mode Army part is like a “friend part”; Louie is a friend and the whole crew was happy to have their part in the Dumb video.

Tom’s part is like an “introducing part”?

Tom actually joined the team a year ago, we knew each other for a long time and skate together when we were around, then one day he told us that he would like to skate for Dumb and so the thing started … we were surprised and very happy to have him in the team.

How did the collaboration with Carhartt started ?

It started by chance; they asked us to do something together, then they liked the graphics proposed by our designer Giovanni Donadini, and so we started a collabo for 2 decks, wheels and tees that are in all Carhartt stores in Europe as well as in all the skateshops where we sell Dumb products.

So you are putting in the team some euro riders?

We did not rush to put in some new riders, it doesn’t make any sense to have an international rider if there are not close contact with him. Tom was perfect for us. We recently put in the team Stefan Zanette, a french skater, we are good friends, he travel a lot and skates everything.

Which programs do you have for the next future?

We are working on some new boards and planning some filming missions with Stefan and the rest of the team.

Thanks Simo and congrats for the video.

Thank you, talk soon.

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Dumb/Carhartt “the Dumbest Way to Istanbul”