How To Survive A Skate Tour.

“Have you ever been on a Skateboard Tour? Do you know the rules to “bring home the mission”? The new video of the Italian VANS Skate Team talks exactly of this.The title is “How to Survive a Skate Tour” and it tells some of the clichés of life on tour with skaters. The film takes place in Fuerteventura, and is presented as an ironic illustrated guide that summarizes the predictably taken forgranted differences between a tour where everything falls into place and one that turns into a battle-field.”

Directed by Alberto Chimenti Dezani, with additional filming by Enrico Cerovac and based on an idea of Davide Martinazzo, “How To Survive A Skate Tour” features Alessandro Mazzara, Indro Martinenghi, Pietro Tirelli, Sam Partaix, Quentin Boillon, Aref Koushesh, Will Odiete and Mattia Turco. We had the pleasure to be part of this Vans Italy’s project, the photo article will be featured sooner (or later) in a brief glance skateboardmag.