Giorgio Zattoni at the bowl of Valencia.

Giorgio warms up at the Knodel bowl with a fs stale fish transfer from the corner to the credle.

“Here the weather was bad, I have friends in Valencia I have not seen for a long time and it was a long time since I flew on a plane. I spent four days in the city pushing from spot to spot, hitting some street spots and some skateparks. One afternoon we skated this square bowl at Gulliver Park.

From outside the bowl looks perfect, but when you shred it it is really a mess… all transitions are irregular, each one different from the other and there is no coping. You have not margin of error when you try to grind it, you must be perfect. I stayed there for an entire afternoon… and I’d be there for another 1000 hours… pure fun!!!

We try to make things perfect, flawless, but often you savor the true spirit of skateboarding shredding imperfect and raw facilities as this bowl.” gz