Fvtvra Skateboards_Roll in Malaga_video part 1.

This is the first part of a video edit produced by Futvra Skateboards during the “Roll In Malaga” tour (check the photo article published on a brief glance issue #32) featuring: Miki Mauri, Filippo Cilia, Frank Roque, Andrea Marangoni, Flavio Bernasconi plus three special guests; Ivan Inglese, Guido Stazi and Icaro Nardi from the Blast! Distribution team. The video has been filmed and edited by Massimo Bod Ciceri who is the mind and the arm at brand’s creative department. Part 2 will be out next monday.

“When the Fvtvra guys proposed to follow them on the “Roll in Malaga” tour, the answer was an affirmative yes! Fvtvra is a company born in 2009 with HQ in Milan; at the moment it doesn’t have an official team, and the brilliant idea behind this tour was to only involve shop riders, that is, skaters supported by Fvtvra through local skateshops. For all the skaters involved it was the first official tour so it was cool to see their enthusiasm, energy, inexperience, and desire to get things done. It was an absolutely fun week, where we went around the city on our boards in search of anything cool to skate, without any real schedule and with the only purpose of having fun, filming, and shooting photos. A skateboard trip in its most simple and true essence.”

[vimeo width=”750″ height=”422″]https://vimeo.com/138203901[/vimeo]