From the mag: DC in Wien / Ale Morandi interview.

Ale Morandi is crazy and when you go to skate with him he always makes you laugh a lot with his bullshit.

He has just had a good video part in the last Dumb Skateboard video, but before the video came out he had the “good idea” to jump off a long double set, alone, at night, and broke his knee during the DC tour to Wien.

We had a chat with him this morning.


What’s up Ale?

All good mate, I’m doing physical therapy to the knee, It’s painful, but my personal trainer is smart and says that I will return to 100%

How did you get hurt?

I was in Wien and I tried to ollie a long double set… it was dark and I fell on my knee. I’m an idiot!

Did you like Wien?

Definitely! Beautiful city, a lot of clubs and parties, good spots… The mood between us was very good! Thank you all my friends.

5-0 grind up.

Best trick of the trip?

I would say Andy’s kickflip crooks on the yellow rail… he landed it many times but didn’t rolled away… but he did it so perfectly… Good job Andy!!!

Your best trick in Wien?

Fs lip to switch crooks… it took me a lot of time to land it properly!!!

The new Dumb Skateboards video has just been released, are you satisfied of your part?

I’m happy with the video. My part could have been better,  we got footage from Italy, Barca e Turkey. I’m happy for Dumb.

Fs tail slide.

How was the trip to Turkey?

It was an incredible journey, the locals are friendly and a lot of people stop and watch you skating and incite you screaming your name! Ah ha ha… There are a lot of children who wander around the streets as if they were in the courtyard of their house.

What happened to your knee?

I tore my anterior cruciate ligament. Got surgery on november 4, I should get back on board in May.

Good luck Ale.

Thank you mate. See you soon.

Fs noseblunt slide.

Full DC in Wien article on abg 09