From the mag / abg issue 16: ARTNOW! / Carmin Santos.

I was lucky to grow up in an atmosphere where art was always very present. My mom is a professor of engraving and sculpture and from an early age she took me to visit a lot of museums and galleries and my dad, though biochemist, painted and took pictures all the time. During my adolescence I found his beautiful old pentax and several lenses and started experimenting with analogue photography, activity I still do passionately. In my career as an artist, my secondary school had also a great influence. In this school were offered many theoretical tools for artistic production and was constantly encouraged creativity and the pursuit of personal style. There, I worked in different fields (drawing, painting, animation, etc.) until I decided to follow the footsteps of my mom and I fell in love with printmaking. That´s why one of the main intentions in my works is to be able to reflect this interdisciplinary character: I combine the possibilities that photographic experimentation gives me (pinhole cameras, projectors, lights and various techniques of photo developing) with engraving procedures. This also allows me to constantly seek new meanings in my images. The last series I’m working on is based on found footage modified with different materials, like fibers, glitter and embroidery.”

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