From the mag / abg issue 15: Strange Unconventional Noises – Strange Skateboards in Slovenia.

Which are the main ingredients of a skateboard tour? A bunch a friends to start with, some spots to skate and good music on the stereo pumping while traveling.

Slovenia offers interesting spots, the Strange guys are always a good crew to organize a trip together and with them good music never lacking.

A beautiful week spent pushing, filming, photographing, visiting new places, smiling, eating, having fun … a skateboard tour as it should be.

abg / 15.

(lifestyle photos: Riccardo Ceccato – action photos: Davide Biondani).

Miha, fs pop shove it over.

Fabio Bottelli, fs ollie.

Fabio Montagner, bs nosegrind overcrooks.

Monty, danger.

Fabio Bottelli, pivot to fakie.

Fabio Bottelli, fs pivot to bs out.

Jacopo Picozza, impossible over.

Fabio Bottelli, ollie.

Monty, ollie.

Davor, wallride.

Angelo Netto and Jacopo Picozza, double.

Miha, fs nosegrind.

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