From the mag / abg issue 10: Blast the Border Tour 2011 – Video.

Blast the Border tour is the annual edition of Blast! Distribution Tour across the borders of Italy.

For the 2011 edition Luca Crestani, Marco Lambertucci, Mauro Caruso, Carlo Cassan, Fabio Colombo e Melkior spent one week skating between Liguria & Cote D’Azur acorss the French Italian Border.

Full article on abg issue 10 and below video report.

Carlo Cassan, bs nosegrind pop out.

Fabio Colombo, 5-0 grind.

Marco Lambertucci, switch crooks.

Mauro Caruso, bs wallride.

Melkior, hardflip.

Luca Crestani, rock to rock bs ollie transfer.