From the mag / abg 05: Zatts at Knodel Bowl.

Last time I went to the Knodel Bowl I had the pleasure to meet up with Giorgio and Gianni Zattoni for an afternoon session.

It was a long time I didn’t skate with the Zatts and it’s always great to see how they enjoy skateboarding for what it is:

pure fun.

Giorgio Zattoni, pivot grind to fakie.

“The Knodel Bowl is fantastic; a place where you can skate safely with your friends but also a bowl where you can try some serious tricks if you feel it. It’s time to build something like this where I live”.

Giorgio Zattoni.

Gianni Zattoni, fs smith grind.

“The first time I could not believe my eyes, everything was perfect: an amazing indoor wooden bowl with perfect transitions, friendly people and great vibe. I can only say thanks to the Knodel boys for building such a good place. Support Knodel Bowl”.

Gianni Zattoni

Giorgio Zattoni, corner fs ollie transfert to miller grind.

Gianni Zattoni, fs ollie grab.