From Knodel Bowl to the streets.

The Knodel Bowl boys found that at the local sport show wanted to put some skateboarding in the middle of the other sports, like spinning, work outs, golf and whatever…

The place was perfect for an indoor skate contest, with wonderful flat, and they already knew that there would have been tons of nice girls… so after a beer meeting they decided. Ok: ” How much is budget? So Low? Ok we will do it anyway” and the local skateshop Minoia Board co. put the money on the table, and they decided to organize a best trick contest with 3 different street replica obstacles: from manual pad combo for tech skaters, to the big double set (6 flat 6) for the gnarly skaters, to the handicap gap with long rail for the mix of both.

Moneyprice was 2000 € for 3 best tricks: 500 € for each obstacle, 200 best all around skater, and 300 “trick for cash”… if you landed something cool, you got some money to party!

And you know what? The best skaters in Italy came to skate and party with the Knodel boys!

The contest was funny, some slams, lots of tricks… and tons of chicks!

The Saturday night party, was, as usual, rough and ended with illegal fireworks in the parking lot, with the security a little upset…. yes, they like to party.

On Sunday everybody was a little tired, but the energy was high after the first run, and we’ve seen a lot of bangers.

Good job boys, see you a Knodel Bowl.

Fabio Colombo, bs ollie late shove-it.

Fabio Montagner, bs noseblunt slide.

Edo Maule, fs feeble.

Guido Stazi, fs blunt to bs tail.

Jacopo Picozza, fs nosegrind over crooks.

Brian Londono, kickflip over.

Fabio Colombo, nollie kickflip.

Mauro Caruso, bs smith.

Ivan Inglese, feeble grind.

Fabio Montagner, fs nosegrind.

Jacopo Picozza, fs tailslide.

Edo Maule, fe feeble.

Aref Koushesh , bs blunt slide.

Fabio Montagner, tre flip.


DOUBLE DANGER (double set):

EDO MAULE (fs feeble, bs smith, fs lipslide)

MANNY DANCER (Manual Pad):

FRANCESCO MARCONATO Switch 360 flip nosemanual

RETARDED GAP (Handicap gap with rail):

FABIO MONTAGNER (Bs nosebluntslide / overcrook)

OVERALL BASTARD (best skater):

FABIO COLOMBO (200 tricks … nollie flip handicap gap, flip first double set, mannies, and on and on).