Faxe’d UP_CPH tour.

A group of friends took a flight to Copenhagen where they spent one week skating, filming, cycling from spot to spot and enjoying the city trying to escape the rain. They came back home with some shots and a solid edit “Faxe’d UP” filmed by masterlens Fede Cavaggioni and edited by Nico Novali, featuring Lukasz Kolasowski, Davide Cotti, Nico Novali, Fede Cavaggioni, Diego Fiorese, Lil’ Braggio and Marco Cipriani. Enjoy the video, the photos shot by Nico Novali at  and the story written by Lukas Kolasowski.

You know, improvised tours are always the best. In less than a week we were ready to leave for Copenhagen. The idea of skating with cool weather, running away from the hot-ass italian temperatures, already hyped us up, but not as much as the idea of skating tons of great spots at a warming-up bike ride distance.

Marco Cipriani, Backside Boneless.

The morning routine was always the same: breakfast and Fully Flared on loop (Love ya Fede); we put on our dirty but dry clothes from the day before and we were ready for the first spot: the supermarket.

Lil’ Braggio, ollie.

We were told that some skaters managed to pay their own plane tickets back just by recycling cans and bottles at the market, a pretty eco-friendly danish custom. If only we knew that in advance, we would probably have done pretty much the same, given that cans of Faxe Kondi were our go-to during every session. It’s some sort of magic concoction (at least that’s how our distorted minds perceived it from looking at the eye-catching packaging) that was able to give us a good hype to skate.

Lukas Kolasowski, backside kickflip.

Actually, we were already hyped up to skate, mostly for one reason: it rained every single day. And it usually happened as soon as we arrived to the spot. It poured, for no longer than 7 minutes, maybe 8. The hype was clearly building up, and as soon as the flat became dry, we could finally enjoy the beautiful spots that the city had to offer. If the weather really sucks, you can always manage to skate some indoor spot.

Diego Fiorese, nollie heelflip.

Denmark is a very organized country, and when it comes to skateboarding, it feels like a playground. This video is the outcome of a right mix of Faxe Kondi, a smart TV at our place, bad weather, bikes and six guys that skated a one of a kind city with no hassle. One love CPH!

Lukasz Kolasowski, nollie flip in front of Fede Cavaggioni’s lens.