Fabio Montagner – Interview.


Hi Fabio, where are you?

Hi, I’m at the beach, last day of a six-days vacation with some friends.

Have you been around this summer?

Just short trips. After summer I want to travel more.

Where would you like to go?

I would love to go to Berlin and Barcelona.

Heelflip over sidewalk.

Bs big spin.

3 songs you are listening to recently?

Santigold – Desperate Youth;

New Order – Cerimony;

Coolrunnings – Full moon.

3 movies you liked recently?

Lucky Number Slevin;

The Royal Tenenbaums;

In the Name of the Father.

Bs noseblunt.


50-50 grind.

What’s new with Strange Skateboards? A new Monty “pro model” coming out?

Some new boards are comin’ soon, none of them will be a “pro model” deck, but one of the boards will have a photo I took as graphic. Stoked.

How long have you been into photography? What do you prefer to photograph?

I stared shooting around 3 years ago. My favorite thing to photograph is… skateboarding.

Will you skate later today?

Hope so, but it depends if I’ll be back home in time… I have to cycling 70 kilometers to get home from the sea and there are 42 degrees today.

Good luck mate.

Bs tailslide.

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