etnies Euro Stile Tour / Railway Park demo.

Last saturday a flood of people filled  the Railway skatepark in Brescia, Italy, for the etnies demo.

Willow, Barney Page, Jose Rojo, Devine Calloway, Axel Cruysberg, Albert Nyberg and Julian Furones skated the park under a bright sun.

Ryan Sheckler left in the morning.

Riders were pretty tired after a busy week of tour in Spain but the demo was fun and everyone had a good time.

Willow, fs varial heelflip.

Barney Page, bs 360.

Julian Furones, tuck knee.

Axel, bs smith bs out.

Devine Calloway, fs nose grind fs out.

Jose Rojo, backward nose grind.

Jose and Barney, double bs 5-0 bs out.

Jose Rojo, kickflip bs tailslide.

Axel, bs lip slide.



…and more…



photos Davide Biondani.