etnies Eco Day 2015.

The etnies ECO DAY has celebrated this year it’s fifth edition at the renewed and repainted amazing Creedence DIY Skatepark (Italy) with a very special event together with a demo of etnies Europe riders Willow, Axel Cruysberg and Albert Nyberg who judged the contest and skated with the locals. Forecast for the day were very bad, but luckily it didn’t rain and the day was really fun. Jacopo Carozzi, Redaelli and Munir won the 3 best trick contests. The etnies Eco Day event is getting bigger and bigger every year thanks also to the collaboration with the boys of Creedence Skatepark (supported by Frisco Shop)  who did a sick job to finish the park in time. Don’t miss the next edition in 2016.


Axel_bs tailslide.

Willow_fs varial heel flip.

OK LOWRES ecoday-14

Albert_bs crail.

Willow shoe.

OK LOWRES ecoday-20

OK LOWRES ecoday-4

Davide Martinazzo on the mic.

Willow_fs bigspin.

Axel_transfer to smith grind.

OK LOWRES ecoday-17

Afef_bs tailslide.

Jacopo Carozzi_nosebone transfer.

Albert_fs heelflip to wallride.


Willow, Axel, Albert.

Albert & little fan.

Price giving.

all photos_davide biondani.