Cuatro Suenos Pequenos_a skate film by Thomas Campbell_trailer.

Cuatro Suenos Pequenos (four small dreams) – Is a new skate film – Visual Audio Experiment by Thomas Campbell. This 20 minute movie was shot entirely on 16mm film in a dream scene scenario that blends reality,dreamtime and a skate adventure starring Javier Mendizabal and Madars Apse. This film captures Javier Brushing his teeth,slobbering on his pillow, bedding down with a beautiful brunette. Also Javi running into Madars Apse in his dream, they skate over volcano’s,thru the woods and into cities of Spain,The Canary Islands,Mallorca,The Basque country and California.This film has a completely original soundtrack by the critically acclaimed Spanish super group “Chiwoks”.


And besides the usual unusual camera perspectives you expect from a Thomas Campbell film. French Fred is also is on board Lending his iconic visual wizardry to this cauldron of the bizarre, beauty and gnar.

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