CPH Open_Day #2.

A convoy of bikes snaked around the city to hit 3 spots: the White Banks, a lunar landscape style series of banks, the Dream Spot, which was basically a set of stairs, and the Meatpacking district where people skated 2 ledges and a slappy curb till the sun went down.

Arto & Koston.

Matt Berger, bs noseblunt.

Peter Ramondetta, kick flip.


White Banks // Evan Smith Luan Oliveira Nassim Guammaz.

Dream Spot // Hermann Stene Youness Amrani, Yoshi Taenbaum.

Meatpacking // Felipe Gustavo, Luan Oliveira Ishod Wair.

(Opener Louie Lopez, pop shove-it. all photos Maksim Kalanep).