Coping Mechanism_

Coping Mechanism, a new documentary film by Phil Evans about the Swedish city of Malmö and its unique relationship with skateboarding and concrete.

An excerpt from Pontus Alv’s section in Coping Mechanism, featuring fellow Polar ripper Oskar “Oski” Rosenberg Hallberg.

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An excerpt from underground legend John Magnusson’s (aka J-Mag) section in the film in which he sheds a little insight into how they manage to convince their city to get behind the skater’s ideas.

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[youtube width=”750″ height=”422″][/youtube]

The film is now available on DVD along with a corresponding special pack that includes a magazine from Raka Rör – a group exhibition that brings together a selection of artists gathered around the central theme of the Malmö skate scene. (featuring David Shrigley, Richard Gilligan, Pontus Alv, Nils Svensson, Sam Ashley, Gabe Morford, Mike O Shea, David Turakiewicz and many more)

The DVD also comes in a special pack with select stills from the film shot by Nils Svensson.

Copies and info on the film can be found here: …some more excerpts from the film will follow in the next few days.