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Clash 2011 / Berlin.

July 13th, 2011

Our friend and photographer Ale Volpin sent us some photos from the last edition of the Berlin Skateboard Clash.

Renton, Curren Caples and Axel got first place respectively on vert, bowl jam and street.

Congrats to 11 years old Ivan Federico who got 5th place in the bowl jam.

New blood.


Curren Caples, fs kickflip.

Jacopo Picozza, fs bigspin boardslide.

Ivan Federico, bs crail.

Curren Caples, fs tailslide.

Fabio Montagner, fs nosegrind.


1. Alex Cruysberghs (BEL).

2. Luis Lopez  (USA).

3. Lem Villemin  (GER).


1. Curren Caples (USA).

2. Jurgen Horrwarth (GER).

3. Juliem Benoliel (FRA).


1. Renton Millar (AUS).

2. Jurgen Horrwarth (GER).

3. Jussi Korhonen (FIN).