Cinecittà On Wheels_video.

The Murder Skateboarding team was looking for a place to film for 24 hours in Ancient Rome, in the Medieval town of Assisi, and in the 1930s Broadway. Impossible? But this place really does exist and is called Cinecittà. The famous movie studios in Rome, also known as “The Dream Factory” where some of the most important films in history have been produced: Gangs of New York, Mission Impossible II, and Once upon a Time in America, just to name a few. So at the end of the last summer the guys traveled to Rome, and after a brief tour through the streets of the Italian capital, they were sucked into this time warp where for a week all that existed were film studios, prop scenery from famous films, lights and huge floodlights, videocameras, and obviously skateboarding. We were lucky to be part of such a special project, and shot the photo article featured on a brief glance issue 35. After the premières in Berlin and Milano CINECITTA’ ON WHEELS, directed by Into Carboni, is finally out. Enjoy.