Carhartt_OUT OF STEPPE_video.

In 2004 a crew of almost 20 people went over to Mongolia for a month-long trip to explore the country and find something to skate. The result of this mission was the book Dirt Ollies and the film Mongolian Tyres.The guys at Carhartt brilliantly thought that after a decade of evolution it was time for a new book and a new mission to Mongolia to see how the country has changed. So the bags were packed again and a heterogeneous crew of skateboarders, photographers, writers, and architects were ready to leave. The result of this great adventure is a new amazing book entitled From Dirt To DustAfter the photo article published on a brief glance issue 32, and in several other mags, the OUT OF STEPPE video is now online available for the world. Directed, filmed and edited by Stephen Roe, the video features the talent of Joseph Biais, Jerome Campbell, Igor Fardin, Yoshihiro “Deshi” Omoto, Sylvain Tognelli, Phil Zwijsen. Definitively a great job!

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