Carhartt WIP’s Skateboarding Annual #1_Launch_Paris.

The launch of the magazine A Skateboarding Annual #1, Carhartt WIP‘s first edition, will be in Paris at LO/A (Library Of Arts) thursday 21th, May 2015 at 6.00pm. More details here.

This publication was initially intended to compile all the projects Carhartt WIP skateboarding dept. worked on last year. But since there are always many aspects that remain unseen to the public, we thought they deserved some exposure of their own. Instead of listing and recycling what we had already done, we chose to further explore these projects. We had the time and the hindsight to approach them from other angles, to put together images that had never cohabited, to give more space and depth, to commission work and essentially approach the editorial exercise with a bit more freedom than usual. The result is our contribution to representing skateboarding, adding some diversity to an already rich panorama of magazines, blogs, books and other media. Hope you’ll find exciting to navigate our past year
of pushing around.