Bryggeriet #1

The first in a series by Phil Evans of three videos documenting Bryggeriets skate school in Malmö, Sweden.

About the Bryggeriets gymnasium – the skateboard high school in Malmö, Sweden. Bryggeriet skatepark has been the heart of the Malmö skate scene since 1998. In 2005 the board of the skatepark was granted a permit to start a high school on their premises. The idea was to incorporate skateboarding as a subject on the school curriculum. Long time Malmö skater John Dahlquist was hired to build a subject around skateboarding and to incorporate as many aspects of the culture as possible into the courses.The school started fall of 2006 with 50 students and today the students can choose from the profiles of art, photo, film and skateboarding as special courses. The school is run as a non-profit NGO.Ten years later the school has 150 students of which about half are skaters.