Bowl-A-Rama 2012 / Bondi Beach.

Bowl-a-rama is amazing. Period.

The location plays its role undoubtedly. Where in the world you can see a contest with all the best bowl riders, right in front of the beach, while people is surfing and aussie beauties are sunbathing like there’s no tomorrow?

Watching the Cab doing caballerials and hand plants of every kind was itself worth the long wait in the almost unbearable Sydney summer sun. He well deserved his 5th victory in a row in the Masters category, hands down, although his contenders shredded so good it was unbelievable some of them was almost 50 years old.

And then came the Pro finals, after an intense day of sweat, tricks and fast lines. And with the finals came the 2012 winner, Pedro Barros. You have to witness his skateboarding in person to fully understand how fast and how big he can go. He slashed every inch of pool coping available with the longest grinds, alternating lip tricks to 7ft airs and head high mc twists. He hasn’t win his 3rd title in a row for no reason. If this wasn’t enough, after the Pro finals a 10 minutes best trick worth itself 3000$ went down, with Sluggo easily landing his signature trick, a huge backflip off the deep end. Insane.

If you’re down under around february next year don’t miss the opportunity to witness the best bowl contest out there.

You’d regret it!

(Fede Romanello)

Bondi beach.

Nolan Munroe, tuck knee indy air.

Pedro Barros,stale 540.

Rune Glifberg, fs stale fish.

Eddie “El Gato” Elguera, invert.

Nicky Guerrero, sad plant.

Steve Caballero, fs 5-0 grind.



Bucky Lasek, boneless one around the corner.

Curren Caples, tuck knee.

Presentation pro.

Presentation master.

(Action photos Marcello Guardigli.)



1) Pedro Barros

2) Bucky Lasek

3) Rune Glifberg.


1) Steve Caballero

2) Nicky Guerrero

3) Mik Mulhall