Blast! The Big One 2016.

Everything is ready for the 7th edition of the Blast! The Big One 2016 that will take place next July the 17th at the Plaza Skatepark in Seregno, Italy. The program foresees money prices for the 3 best tricks down the “Big One” gap and for the best trick on the Monster Rail. A special price for the Best Over All Skater and a Almost Skateboards sponsorship for one year offered by Blast! for the Best Rookie. Dist. There will be a live streaming on the FB page of the event.

Below there is a photo and video recap from all the different editions. See you at the Blast! The Big One!



Brian Londono, switch kickflip.

Mattia Turco, foot plant.

Jacopo Carozzi, fs feeble.


[youtube width=”750″ height=”422″][/youtube]



900_BIGONE 2011-2

Ale Morandi, fs kickflip.

Marco Lambertucci, fakie fs kickflip.

Fabio Montagner, 50 50 up.


[youtube width=”750″ height=”422″][/youtube]





Elmo, fs nosegrind overcrooks.

Ivan Inglese, 360 flip.

Filippo Baronello, fakie airwalk.


[youtube width=”750″ height=”422″][/youtube]



Jacopo Carozzi, fs noseblunt.

Fabio Montagner, nollie crooks.

Nikolai Danov, inward heelflip.

[youtube width=”750″ height=”422″][/youtube]


The Blast! The Big One 2014’s edition was deleted because of the rain.


Lorenzo Ubino, bs 270 lipslide.

Alvin francescato, kickflip to 50 50 grind.

Filippo Cilia, no comply.


[youtube width=”750″ height=”422″][/youtube]