Big Air Lab _ Street Jungle X

2022 marks the 20th birthday of Big Air Lab and the 10th of the Street Jungle contest! “Street Jungle X” took place last Saturday at Big Air Lab Plaza, in Camerano, east coast of Italy; a perfect skate plaza behind the store, with palm trees, benches and all what you wish to have in your dream spot.

The day started in the most classic “Street Jungle” style.

On nine editions out of 10 of the event it rained.

But they made it every time. Mario knows and used his super powers to blow the clouds away.

He waited the right time…

to activate the drying squad.

Gratta at work.

As soon as the park was dry the guys started warming up.

Ramon Campanella head high frontside heel flip.

Mattia Tommasoli boardslide to fakie on the fresh new concrete toy.

Marco Laschi smith grind.

Gratta and Luca Crestani.

The “cash for tricks” contest on five different structures can start.

First obstacle was the manny pad/kicker.

Danny Sessa inward heel flip.

Ramon Campanella nollie frontside heel flip.

Mia Tommasoli hands down manual.

Photo exhibition.

The second part of the contest was the “Crest no push challenge” on the palm tree ledges. Elmo started one of his lines with this full speed perfect locked nose blunt slide.

Matteo Tortora slappy frontside noseslide revert.

Rome’s crew was there.

Mia and Cise.

Challenge three was on the fresh new customized jersey. Cise backside blunt slide transfer.

Danny Sessa backside smith grind.

Danny & Crest.

Giorse feeble grind.

Cise frontside smith grind.

Lorenzo Silvestri frontside wallride.

Leo in yellow.

The fourth challenge was on the red banks obstacle in the middle of the plaza.

Elmo & Cise.

Lorenzo Silvestri wallie from the big bank to 50-50 grind straight into the lower corner.

Elmo frontside kickflip.

Sunset at Big Air Lab Plaza.

Cise: “Are you guys sure?”.

Gratta & Crest fixing this thing.

Last challenge was on this killer wooden diy kicker + “flatbar”. Cise impossible.

Luca Crestani designed, built and kickfliped this thing.

Elmo fakie ollie.

Mattia Farruggia killed it with a sick backside smith grind & backside lip slide (first photo of the photo report).

Elmo feeble grind.

Crest frontside tailslide.

Game over, Mario spritz time.

The plaza.

Gratta, Crest, Mario.

The party can start.

Good night.

All photos Davide Biondani.