Behind the cover_Ale Martoriati Ollie over Fiat 500.

Tomorrow I’ll send you the footage” that’s what Jonny, our trusty staff member, said right after Ale Martoriati ollied the car. The famous last words… More then one year later one day, out of the blue, Jonny sent us a youtube link with the footage of the ollie over the FIAT 500 that was on the cover of a brief glance issue 24. Perfect timing I would say ha ha… but also a chance to go back to one of our favorite cover we published.  We were in Roma for shooting the “White Marble” article and when Ale came to pick me up at Roma Termini train station on board of his old FIAT 500 the fist thing I said was: “Ale, in the next cover I want a photo of you ollieing your car”. We were supposed to shoot it during the week end while the places we had in mind are empty… but for a series of coincidences we ended on Monday morning without the shot… and I had to catch my train at 14:00. We loaded the jump rump on the roof of Sandro from 7 Hills distribution and drove straight to Eur, a huge neighborhood in the southern part of the city. We tried to spot a place where to shoot it, but the traffic was too heavy and there were people all over the places. We stopped in front of Palazzo dei Congressi, parked the 500, download the jump ramp and fixed it…. the big issue, apart from the shitty flat ground, were the cars that continued to pass… we were like 8 people and stopped the traffic of 3 huge streets every time Ale started pushing… “We are shooting a commercial for TV” was the classic answer when people asked what we were doing…. and if it’s for TV .. all the doors are open.. ha ha. I was standing right in the middle of the street and at one point I turned around and saw at least 5/600 people in elegant dress watching the show.. It was lunch break and everyone was out of the offices. I still can’t believe no one was in the shot. Thanks to all the guys who helped for the good teamwork… and thanks Jonny for the footage. Better late then never.

(Photos_Davide Biondani).