Agape Skatepark post lockdown re-opening.

Tomorrow, May 26, Agape Skatepark will re-open its doors  after three months of lockdown, we had a quick chat with Riccardo De Togni, one of the boys behind the Agape project who told us about the idea of opening an indoor skatepark in 2018, how they faced the lockdown, about all the news and the plans for the summer. Agape skatepark is an amazing place, run by good people, come over to skate and support it.

Agape’s staff Fede Cavaggioni, backside kickflip transfer.

How did you come up with the idea of opening a skatepark and when did it all start?
We got the idea around 2014 and we opened in 2018, it’s been a long process. We wanted to give skateboarding a space that it never had, at least in our area, a place to share a passion together.

Giovanni, ollie.

Cristiano, boardslide.

What does “Agape” mean and why did you choose this name?
“Agape” is a Greek word that means selfless, fraternal, immeasurable love. We choose it because of its meaning.

Leroy, fakie crooks.

Matteo, kick flip.

What are the biggest issues and the greatest satisfactions you have had in this year and a half?
The main difficulties were of a bureaucratic nature, it was and still is really challenging to unravel between regulations that are highly complex and often illogical. The greatest satisfaction was precisely realizing the whole “Agape” project day by day until we finally opened and today we face every new project or new program with more awareness.

Nico Novali, miniram to bank boned transfer.

How was this Covid-19 emergency time for you guys?
It’s been a period of great uncertainty, with many questions about the future, as for all of us. We closed the skatepark waiting for news on when to re-open. It’s been tough.

Lukasz Kolasowki, kickflip to banana slide.

Tomorrow, May 26, the skatepark will re-open after 3 months, what’s new?
During the lockdown we kept working on the upgrade of the park, we modified the new pyramid, removing the ledge on top of it, and built two new movable ledges on flat. We have sanitized the park by adapting to safety standards with all the necessary health devices. We have recreated spaces inside where everyone can chill respecting the safety rules.

Brian, pop shove-it.

There will be specific rules to be respected … to prevent the park from closing or incurring penalties …
The are many rules, but very easy to respect; a little responsibility and common sense are enough. They will be exhibited inside the park and remembered by our staff at the entrance. The public is not admitted, just one parent for minors; mask will not be mandatory while skating, but you must have it with you. The mandatory spacing is two meters while skating … one while chilling. We will ask the skaters to collaborate for the good of all.

Stefano Amadio, 360 flip.

What’s your feelings for the reopening and the plans for the summer?
We are super excited to be able to re-open, we have prepared ourselves at our best, it is a continuous adaptation to the rules, but I believe that with a little patience and goodwill we can start again. We have many projects at stake: we are waiting for the evolution of the situation as regards the events, while our main focus is now the summer skate camp for kids aged 6 to 11 with skateboarding, workshops and missions to other skateparks. The skate school is for sure one of our main focus.

Agape Skatepark will be open:

Tuesday to Friday 17h00 – 23h30

Saturday – Sunday 15h00 – 23h30.

All photos Davide Biondani (all right reserved).