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This was the third and last part of the Nike sb Texture tour 2011, it started with the mission in Sicily, continued in Milano and on the Adriatic coast and ended in Sardegna; the purpose of these missions was to go visit each rider, his town and skate his spots.

Luca Doneddu showed us the beauty of his island and the spots he skates.

Korahn mcGayle was in Sicily for a Nike uk tour and he joined us directly from there as our special guest.

Another funny trip full of adventures and misadventures.

Sardegna is a fantastic place!!!

Three tours in less than two months; a funny and crazy adventure but definitely hard and challenging where everyone gave his best 110%

Thank you Mauro, Jacopo, Crest, Lambi, Doneddu, Sergio, Jerome Cambell, Maxime Géronzi, Dani Lebron and Korahn mcGayle for the amazing time spent together and for the sick skate sessions.

The video has been filmed and edited by Sergio Minnici.

Photo report on abg issue 08.