A Taste of Bordeaux.

Dorkzone presents “A Taste of Bordeaux”a video to introduce a new project that will take place between June & September 2021, based on the exchange of skateable sculptures between Malmö and Bordeaux; a cultural exchange involving exhibitions on skate urbanism.

In recent years, Bordeaux and Malmö have been working on skate urbanism projects that build acceptance for skateboarding in public spaces. A part of this strategy has been to introduce skateable sculptures in public spaces. At Pushing Boarders in Malmö, the idea was born to begin collaborating between the two cities to learn from each other and establish new international platforms for skate urbanism partnerships.

Bon Voyage! is an exchange of the sculpture series PLAY! from Bordeaux and We’re All Golden from Malmö. Over summer a total of eleven new sculptures will create new spots in the two cities. The conditions for the sculptures are that they should add to the aesthetic value of the space they are placed in, provide a function for the general public and be accessible for different levels of skating.