A conversation with Jacopo Carozzi.

London 2013.

How do you feel thinking back to the endless days spent at Trinity Skatepark when you were 10, now that you have your pro-model for Baker out?

First of all, having a board with my name seems surreal to me. The Trinity days for me are a very important chapter that I am very attached to … that place was magical. We are talking about an era of Italian skateboarding when the scene was still under development and skateboarding was still seen as a waste of time. At that time Trinity was not too popular; there was a bit of the “fuck the skateparks” philosophy in the scene, I knew I had a fortune having that indoor skatepark not too far from home, so I tried to make the most of my time there! Honestly I wish it had held out until now …

Did you expect your pro-model to arrive or was it a total surprise?

No, I had absolutely no idea, quite the contrary! It was all so amazing that it gave me a natural hangover effect! Thanks again Samurai Dist crew for all the fuss that only you could have fixed! (the day before the suprise Simone & Giò drove all the way from Pescara to Milano, 1200 km back and forth, to get the board that were lost at Customs. Editor note).

What was your first thought when Giò yelled “Jacopo you are pro for Baker” and put the board in your hands?

The first thing I thought was … “This is not real, I’m imagining it all in my head. We were on tour in Pescara where we had spent the whole day out skating, with no rush to get back to the apartment, it was impossible to imagine anything for me. Arriving at the house, Giò, with a rather discouraged and serious tone immediately said “Someone messed it up big this time” … I immediately tried to imagine what damage I could have done, so I passed from a state of anxiety to a state of surprise to extreme happiness! I think that’s what got me drunk! Ha ha.

50-50 transfer.

What happened immediately after?

My mom and my fiancée appeared from upstairs as a surprise, they had come from Milan on purpose! It was hard for me to realize this was all really happening ha ha.

The first thing your mom said to you when you hugged each other?

My grandfather died on November 7th, for my mom it was always a bad date to remember and experience! The first thing she said to me was: “It’s November 7th, I’ve always remembered it as a dark day, but you colored it today. Grandfather Aldo is with us!”


Who designed the graphics?

Mike Gigliotti who, besides being one of my favorite artists, is also Lotties Skateshop’s boss. I’m too glad he drew the graphics!

Your favorite?

I admit that there is not one in particular that I like more than the others, the classic Baker graphic, the one with the Italian flag, P-Stone and my dog, the black one with the shoutouts in Milano Centrale, they are all beautiful!

Are you planning to film a pro part now?

Yes, I’ve been filming for a while for this Baker promo, but Covid and lockdown slowed everything down, luckily we managed to do some trips with the Samurai Suicide Distribution squad; we skated some new spots and filmed something.

What does it means to you to be a Professional skateboarder?

Surely it’s a great personal satisfaction, let’s say it’s a bit of every skater’s dream, even if, from the moment Andrew asked me to skate for Baker I had already realized my personal dream! There are so many people who set it as a goal, and once achieved they kind of lose the will to do. I’ve always liked skating, the feeling that you get on your board is unmachable; it’s like a need, I was making this speech with Giò and Simo recently … for a few seconds, when you flip your board, you do it for the need to feel it spinning under your feet. It’s all about the need you have to feel like you’re on your skateboard… having my name under a board will never change the way I see

Without the lockdown, how do you think the Baker boys would have celebrated you in LA?

Seeing how they organized it from a distance, I think we would have celebrated in a pizzeria! Andrew truly knows how to surprise you and keep traditions.

Will you sign my board when we meet?

Ha ha sure okay, it embarrasses me a little but I do it more than willingly!

Milano 2011.

Interview & Photos Davide Biondani.