a brief glance X Vans_a journey to Cyprus_paper edition + photo exhibitions_

Vans and a brief glance presents the very first experience of  a brief glance on paper. A 68 pages book about the Journey to Cyprus with the Vans italian team plus Flo Marfaing and Kris Vile as special guests. Inside the book there is a 30×45 poster and by downloading the free app Layar on your smartphone you can scan every single photo from the mag and watch the clip of the trick. Vans has just announced 3 events with book presentation, video première and photo exhibitions with the images shot by Davide Biondani during the tour.


The program of the events is:

february_22  at Skateboarding’s Finest in Torino.

march_3 at Green Records in Mestre.

march_22 at Big Air Lab in Camerano, Ancona (with contest at the perfect indoor bowl inside the shop).

a brief glance X Vans_a journey to Cyprus.

68 pages + poster + layar app to scan the pics and watch the trick on your smartphone.

Starring: Kris Vile, Jacopo Picozza, Edo Maule, Carlo Cassan, Massi Baratono, Simone Verona, Flo Marfaing.

Videography: Alberto Chimenti Dezani.

Photography: Davide Biondani.

Photographic contributions and texts: Federico Romanello.